Saturday, October 1, 2011

Escalation League Standings Night 2: Team Scenario

The scores are in from the second night of the Warhammer Escalation League.  Twenty players participated in a team scenario where two 800 point armies teamed up to fight the combined forces of two others. Here are the overall League rankings so far.

RankPlayerTotal Score
1Baughman, Josh38
2Willworth, Paul35
3Douglas, David33
4Holt, Ian32
7Flickinger, Jordan27
9Guzman, Issac19
10Rosenous, Chris19
12Kingon, Wiley18
13Kyon, Matt18
14Dustin B16
15Bailey, Chris14
16Kem, Eli13
17Sathrum, Ben13
18Ryan O13
19Bathke, Tony M.13
20Ryan J12
21DeRemmer, Jeff10
22Hines, Clayton10
23Jones, Nate10
24Scott, Terry10
26Fogg, Mike8
27Macintyre, Kyle8
29Evans, John4

After week 3, we should be able publish more rankings like top general, painting, and sportsman based on averages.  See you next week for a standard battle with bigger armies.  1000 points!

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