Sunday, November 24, 2013

Escalation League 2013 Week 5 Results

RankPlayerTotal Score 
1Taylor Flesch69
2John Evans67
3Chris Born61
4Ryan Odam57
5Austin Roberts51
6Ben Sathrum51
7Steele Hull50
8Eli Kem43
9Dustin Boyd40
10Chris Bailey37
11Paul Willworth30
12Josh Baughman29
13Michael Carter21
14Tony Bathke6

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Escalation League 2013 Week 4 Results

RankPlayerTotal Score 
1Taylor Flesch60
2John Evans56
3Austin Roberts51
4Steele Hull50
5Ryan Odam45
6Chris Born44
7Eli Kem43
8Ben Sathrum40
9Dustin Boyd40
10Chris Bailey37
11Paul Willworth30
12Michael Carter21
13Josh Baughman14
14Tony Bathke6

2000 Points next week!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 4 Scenario: Get the Treasure!

Mobes, the Lord of Dane, was once known in the Borderlands as a fierce warrior, but he met his doom somewhere in the deep marshlands of that area.   His body was never recovered, but lately trinkets that bear resemblance to his affects have been showing up around the realms.   Eventually the location of his final battle has made it to you.   The time has come to reclaim his artefacts and use them to carve your own throne in the borderlands.

This battle is played as a meeting engagement battle with the following additions.
Before deployment, each player will place 2 swamps on the table.  These swamps will be khemri quicksand and will be placed in the following manner.  Players roll off.  The first player will place his anywhere on the table as long as it is 18” away from a table edge.  The second player will then place his piece at least 12” away from that one and then the first player will place his or her next piece at least 12” away from those two and then the fourth piece will be placed 12” away from the other two.

During the combat step if a unit is occupying the marsh and unengaged in combat, they may search the marsh for treasure.   All models on the marsh immediately take a dangerous terrain check.   Then roll a d6 and consult the chart below.
1: Nothing but muck and bugs.  
2: Danes Shield..  (armor)  +1 to armor save and gives bearer 5+ ward save
3: Danes Hammer:   (weapon)   +2 Strength.  Multiple wounds 2
4: Eye of Time:   (enchanted item)  Bearer gains Always Strikes first
5: Cloak of Starmetal (Talisman):  Bearer gains MR 2
6:  Blue Drops of Power:  (Talisman): Bearer becomes a level 2 Heavens wizard.  Roll for spells immediately.  May be combined with Cloak of Starmetal.  

If a result is rolled that has already been generated, then treat that result as a 1 instead.   Any character or champion in the unit that searches may equip the found item.   If a unit that has one of these items is beaten in combat and run down, the unit that destroyed them takes possession of the items.  
Bonus points:   +1 for each item your army has in its possession (additional +2 if all five items are in your possession)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Escalation League 2013 Week 3 Results

RankPlayerTotal Score
1Taylor Flesch52
2Steele Hull50
3Austin Roberts44
4Eli Kem43
5John Evans41
6Ryan Odam38
7Dustin Boyd38
8Chris Born35
9Paul Willworth30
10Ben Sathrum25
11Chris Bailey23
12Josh Baughman14
13Michael Carter11
14Tony Bathke6

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Escalation League 2013 Week 2 Results

1Steele Hull34
2Taylor Flesch34
3Austin Roberts30
4Eli Kem28
5Ryan Odam28
6John Evans25
7Chris Born24
8Chris Bailey23
9Dustin Boyd23
10Paul Willworth15
11Ben Sathrum10
12Tony Bathke6
13Michael Carter4

See ya next week with 1500 points!