Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The 2014 Black Sheep Brawl

Red Lion Inn - place of battles
Next month it will be time again for the Black Sheep Brawl.  The largest individual Warhammer Fantasy Battles tournament in Oregon.  This will be the third year for this two day event.  Players will engage in 5 games over the weekend consisting of custom scenarios that follow a narrative around the theme for the tournament.  This years theme centers around a time of fluctuation in the winds of magic. We've crafted scenarios that will challenge your generalship skills and bring new twists to a great game.

Our goal with the Black Sheep Brawl is to create a tournament where you are free to bring a tough competitive list, but don't have to worry about getting pitted against ridiculous army lists that take all the fun out of the game like giant death stars or 100% avoidance lists.  Combined with the unique scenarios, we hope this gives players the opportunity to shoot for glory in a fun environment.

We've chosen to hold the Brawl at the same venue as last year.  The Red Lion Inn in Salem is conveniently located right of of I-5 and more importantly, the drink prices are decent!  If you're coming to the tournament from out of town, you can even book a room to stagger up to after having too many of those well priced beers.

To those that have already signed up, we look forward to seeing you.  To those procrastinating signing up till the last minute.... register already!  February 22nd will creep up on us quick, and the army list due date of February 8th even quicker.  Perhaps you will be the Master Tactician, Brush Master, Honored Opponent, Storyteller, or Overall Champion and take home a Black Sheep Stein trophy.  Or take home one the many prizes to be raffled away from our awesome sponsors.

An epic clash of monsters at the second Black Sheep Brawl