Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Black Sheep Brawl 2014 Results

Black Sheep Brawl 2014 Results

The third Brawl finished up on Sunday, and it was quite the contest.  There were five games spanning the weekend and we still had to use a tiebreaker in the end to crown our champion.  Here are our winners:

Left to Right: Josh, Dustin, Eric, Scott, Ryan and Chris with their Black Sheep Steins

Eric Weber: Black Sheep Brawl Champion
Scott Goldstein: Brush Master
Ryan Odam: Honored Opponent
Josh Baughman: Master Tactician
Chris Bailey: Storyteller
Dustin Boyd: Littlest Lamb

Full results:

NameArmyTotalPaintSportsBattleNarrativeFav PaintFav Opp
Eric WeberWood Elves7125 (28*)1520114*Overall Tiebreaker
Frazier EdmondsVampire Counts712217171511
Dan JonesDemons of Chaos70221518151
Josh BaughmanSkaven6924152192
Michael CaseWarriors of Chaos68251916872
Dustin KaneWarriors of Chaos66171718141
Taylor FleschOgre Kingdoms65232116513
Andrew ClaflinDark Elves642117161011
Christopher BaileyDemons of Chaos60141613171
Karl GatkeEmpire5816171691
John EvansWarriors of Chaos57211913422
BIll CurryWarriors of Chaos571121151023
Aaron MuskSkaven5619151210
Scott GoldsteinDark Elves5525 (32^)141248^Paint Tiebreaker
Steele HullHigh Elves5418161641
Brent BucklandDwarfs5491915112
John KerseyBeastmen531815146
Arturo GonzalezDark Elves531315178
Chad EgbertDwarfs5312171591
Paul WillworthLizardmen5371718111
Thaddius CrevierWarriors of Chaos526151912
James PetersonOrcs and Goblins5117151631
Ryan OdamDwarfs501123884
Corry GladwillWood Elves4814171261
Christopher BornTomb Kings421012137
Dustin BoydBeastmen411219732
Wiley KinyonTomb Kings37015157
Ryan FrayerWood Elves330161251

Interesting Tidbits:

  • Ryan Odam earned his second straight Honored Opponent Award, gathering four out of five favorite opponent votes
  • Scott Goldstein returned to the Warhammer fold after more than four years away and he cleaned up in painting
  • Dustin Kane racked up 9437.5 victory points, almost 1000 more than the next closest player
  • We had a distant traveller from southern California, Bill Curry from the West Coast Hammertime podcast, and three Eastern Washington players, Dustin Kane, James Peterson and Chad Egbert
  • Our top five players qualified for the West Coast qualifier for the USA Masters

Some Pictures:

Andy's Dark Elves approach the Black Sheep Bridge
Chris explains the finer points of auto-erotic asphyxiation to Mike and John
John, Scott and Taylor admiring the Brush Master's lady Dark Elves
Aaron's Skaven
Karl's Empire
John's Warriors of Order
Dustin's Beastmen take on Josh's Skaven
Dustin's Beastmen fight Mike's Hordes of Warriors
The final round's top match between Eric and Josh
Another Brawl come and gone!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Black Sheep Brawl Special Characters

Lists have been turned in for the Black Sheep Brawl, and we are providing a list of the Special Characters that have been taken.  Prepare yourself with knowledge in case you end up facing them!

Tomb Kings - Grand Hierophant Khatep
Tomb Kings - Arkhan the Black
Warriors of Chaos - Throgg!
Warriors of Chaos - Festus
Warriors of Chaos - Sigvald the Magnificent