Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Escalation League 2013 Results

Eli's High Elves face off against Ryan's Chaos Dwarfs
Escalation League is over, and the winners are:

League Champion:  Ryan Odam

Issac Guzman Award:  Chris Born
Favored Opponent:  John Evans
Master Tactician:  Steele Hull


Here is the final overall scores:

RankPlayerGamesTotal Score
1Ryan Odam8112
2John Evans8104
3Taylor Flesch799
4Chris Born774
5Ben Sathrum563
6Eli Kem458
7Austin Roberts451
8Chris Bailey551
9Steele Hull350
10Dustin Boyd550
11Paul Willworth340
12Michael Carter435
13Josh Baughman229
14Tony Bathke16

1.  Steele Hull
2.  Taylor Flesch
3.  Eli Kem
1.  Chris Born
2.  Eli Kem
3.  Dustin Boyd
1.  John Evans
2.  Steele Hull
3.  Ryan Odam

And now we look ahead.... to THE BRAWL!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 8: Blood and Glory and Big Freaking Monsters!

This battle will be fought as a standard Blood and Glory scenario with the addition that Monster units each add an additional endurance point.
League bonus points +1 point for each surviving, non-fleeing monster in your army. +1 point for each enemy monster that is dead or fleeing at the end of the game.

Hope to see you all tomorrow as it is our final gaming week. Looking forward to a good night of gaming.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Escalation League 2013 Week 7 Results

Looks like I missed a week, sorry about that!  Here's the latest after last nights' games.

RankPlayerTotal Score 
1John Evans95
2Ryan Odam92
3Taylor Flesch84
4Chris Born72
5Ben Sathrum63
6Chris Bailey51
7Austin Roberts51
8Steele Hull50
9Dustin Boyd50
10Eli Kem43
11Paul Willworth40
12Michael Carter35
13Josh Baughman29
14Tony Bathke6
A kamikaze Scar Veteran

Next week is the final week to get in an official escalation league game.  Join us!