Black Sheep Brawl

Black Sheep Brawl 2015

The Black Sheep Brawl is a 5 game Warhammer Fantasy Battle individual grand tournament.  It will be held on March 14th - 15th, 2015 at the Elks Lodge in Salem, Oregon.  As usual, this Black Sheep Brawl will follow a narrative storyline linking the custom scenario for each game round.  This year you will wrestle for control of a legendary ghost army, bending it to your will to ultimately defeat your enemies.


The closest lodging is about 1 mile away at Best Western Plus Mill Creek Inn
Only slightly farther away, 1.5 miles is the Mariott Residence Inn Salem

Registration -

Composition - Rules pack

Armies will be 2400 points and must be fully painted, see the player pack for more details.  The Swedish comp system will be used to evaluate army lists.  List that score below a zero, or lists that obviously have high potential to ruin enjoyment of the game will not be allowed.  The score of your army will also be used to pair similar power level armies for the first round of the tournament, but will not adjust points in any way.

Army lists allowed are all current Games Workshop army books, Tamurkhan Chaos Dwarfs, Undead Legion, Legion of Chaos, Host of Aestyrion, Host of the Phoenix King, and Host of the Eternity King.  The end times army lists are currently not represented in the Swedish comp system.  To accommodate, we have created this supplement to assist in rating these armies.

End Times note:  Current Games Workshop FAQs are used and as such 50% lords/heroes and Lore of Undeath is in effect for this tournament.  However, the End Times magic system introduced in the Khaine book will NOT be used.

Army Lists - email to

Army lists must be received by February 28th.  Each day that your list is late, will grant you a negative point in the tournament!  Lists should be in plain text or pdf format and emailed to .

The Black Sheep Brawl is a NW Region US Masters Qualifier.  For more information, please go to

Hobby Challenge!

For this years Black Sheep Brawl, we will have a hobby challenge prize.  Players are invited to bring an extra model on a chariot base to represent your loot carrying wagon for scenario two, "Protect the Wagons". Convert up something cool that matches your army and get the most votes to win a prize!  Those who do not want to participate in the hobby challenge will be loaned a dwarven pony cart to use for this scenario.

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