Sunday, January 4, 2015

Black Sheep Brawl IV: Scenario 2

Today we bring you our game 2 scenario for the Black Sheep Brawl.  In this scenario, "Protect the Wagons", you'll have an extra model in your army!  But it may prove to be a bit of a liability.  Although it has some nifty special rules, it can prove a challenge to deliver safely to your opponents deployment zone.  Don't forget it's a chariot too, so it's got impact hits, but also cannot march.

Scenario 2 is also special because for the first time at the Black Sheep Brawl we are having a hobby challenge related to it.  We encourage everyone to make their own model on a chariot base to bring that will represent their loot wagon.  We'll have players vote on their favorite one and award a prize to the winning entry.  If you are up to your neck in work just to get your army painted in time, no worries!  We'll provide a stylish dwarven pony cart model to use for anyone who doesn't bring a custom one.

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