Black Sheep Brawl 2015

Black Sheep Brawl 2014
Escalation League 2013
Monday night October 21st 2013, the escalation league starts at 1000 points.  For more information see the rules pack here.

Escalation League 2012
The escalation league is back again!  Get your game on every Tuesday night starting Sept. 18th 2012 at 6pm with 800 points.  More details can be found in the rules pack by visiting this post.

The Black Sheep Brawl

Escalation League 2011

In coordination with Borderlands games store, The Order of the Black Sheep is running a Warhammer Fantasy Battles Escalation League.  In an escalation league, your army slowly grows each week, starting at 800 points the first week, and ending at 2400 points. League games will occur Tuesday nights starting on September 20th, 2011.  See the rules packet for more information.

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