Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Almost Time To Brawl

The Black Sheep Brawl is just a few days away.  I hope everyone is doing a good job of procrastinating those last items that need painted, because hey, you still have a few days.  That's plenty of time!  We are playing at a new venue this year, so I want to share a little info about it.

The Salem Elks Lodge is a short distance past a Wal-Mart that you will see when taking the Highway 22/Mission St. Exit and heading West off I-5.  The Elks Lodge is normally secured for member access only, so you'll want to hit the buzzer button on the red phone to gain access through the locked front doors.  You'll be able to get reasonably priced food and drinks from the Lodge bar during the tournament, though there are other options within a mile or two if you want to get out during lunch breaks.

We also hope most of you will join us at Gilgamesh brewing after our first day of games Saturday night.  It's just a few miles away and you'll get a map to it in your swag bag when you arrive.  Gilgamesh is a local brew pub with great food and good beers.  We will have an area in the covered patio, just let them know you're from the Black Sheep Brawl.  After dinner at Gilgamesh, you might explore more pubs in Salem, or come on back to the Elks Lodge for open gaming till 11pm.

We've got a wide range of power level in lists that have come in, Swedish scores ranging from a little over 2 to over 19.  That hints at different people coming with different objectives in mind.  Whatever your objective, we hope to get you paired up with players of a similar mindset and power level.  On the end times front, we have a fair share of end times armies in as you can see in the list tally here.  There will be some pretty sick Chaos Legion combos, one Nagash, one Karl Franz Ascendent, a couple Alarielles, and others running around.

We're all excited to be running our biggest Black Sheep Brawl, and hope everyone's looking forward to some good games.  See you Saturday morning around 8:30am.

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