Sunday, August 18, 2013

OFCC Fantasy 2013

Another OFCC has come and gone.    

For those unfamiliar, the OFCC is the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge, and is a 2 day Warhammer Fantasy Event with teams from all over the Pacific Northwest and Canada.   This year there were 20 teams of five players for a total of 100 participants, the largest in Fantasy OFCC history, I believe.   The Order of the Black Sheep brought two teams, of which I captained Team Merino.   My team consisted of John Evan’s Warriors of Chaos, Steele Hull’s Empire, Wiley Kinyon’s Tomb Kings, and Eli Kem’s High Elves.   This year I took an all Nurgle Daemon list and did pretty well with it.  

Round 1 was versus Team Ordo Omega.  This was the first of our challenge rounds.  I had a grudge match going in against Evan, a friend from Vancouver who has consistently stomped me in every tournament we have faced each other.   This time he was fielding his dirty little skaven, an army my daemons have historically had troubles against.   The scenario for our grudge match was Mr. Lucky.  This was a fun one for me as it allowed us to choose a champion to be Mr. Lucky and as long as he was alive the player could re-roll one dice a phase.  
From the start, it felt like this game was going to go my way.  My army list was definitely in a higher power class than Evan’s and the end results showed it.   The only points Evan was able to score off of me by the end were my unit of furies, while the only unit he had left was his gutter runners.   His Mr. Lucky champion was in the unit of plague monks, who were wiped out by my unit of 3 beasts of Nurgle, which really swung the final part of the game, as I was able to mitigate some random effects with the re-rolls.   The final game score was an overwhelming victory 20-3.  
Evan was an awesome opponent and my games with him are always fun.   He was upbeat throughout the ass beating and earned my Favorite Opponent vote for the tourney.   I can’t wait until our next game where maybe our lists are a bit more on the same level.  

Round 2 vs Points PiƱatas.   
My opponent was Canadian Mark playing Vampire Counts.   I played Mark during my very first OFCC and had an epic game of King of the Hill where I pulled out a win by the skin of my teeth.   I called him out this year to give him a chance at vengeance.   Unfortunately for the undead, vengeance would have to be delayed.  The scenario was Fulcrum Fight where our wizards would battle it out over superpowered magic fulcrums.  The game progressed with my chaff fighting his chaff on the flanks and the bulk of our forces converging in the center.   His grave guard and my Great Unclean One ground it out the whole game with big poppa winning the battle while holding onto a single wound.   The beasts of Nurgle eventually collapsed his flank and added their might to the middle.  By the time the game was over,  the daemons were the victor.    It was a pretty close battle at the start, but once I began to gain an advantage, he couldn’t recover.   Mark was an awesome opponent and gracious in defeat.   Hopefully we get another chance to throw dice against each other in the future.


Round 3 vs Team Chop XXX.  My opponent this round was Scott Greene playing Ogres.   I played one of Scott’s teammates last year and recieved a pretty epic beatdown and this was my chance to get vengeance against one of those wily Canadians.  

I went into this game having played ogres a bunch with my list and knew that I had a good chance against them.  Scenario was Reserves, which featured a random deployment.  Most of my units deployed where I needed them though Scott’s were slightly out of position.   Scott’s army had a pretty vicious unit of Maneaters, a cannon, and various other goodies.    

The game started pretty even at first though the cannon was pretty ineffectual.   The maneaters got dug in with my smaller unit of plaguebearers and his Mournfang tried solidifying a charging position on my right flank.  Eventually I was able to remove the maneaters by grinding them out with the plaguebearers and destroyed the Mournfang with magic, which allowed my army free reign on those flanks.  Scott managed to take out Big Poppa, but the game ended up a victory in my favor.   Scott was a good opponent and put up a good fight but had some bad luck which I was able to take advantage of.  

I did feel bad because I made a serious rules gaffe in this game.  I played a rancid visitation on a unit of his mournfang who had their toughness dropped to 3.  I kept doing a ton of wounds and he kept failing the toughness test until the unit was wiped off the board.   Unfortunately this is where I screwed up royally as I mistakenly believed that Rancid Visitations did not allow an armor save.   Luckily Scott clarified with his teammate and told me that I was playing it incorrectly.  I felt horrible about it and Scott was rightly upset.   As we hadn’t moved past the phase, Scott rolled his saves which helped him a bit, as instead of losing the whole unit, he lost three of them.   It was enough to cripple that unit though and fulfilled the same purpose.    I really don’t know why I thought that the spell didn’t allow saves, but I apologized to him and he was pretty good about it.   I seriously hate it when I screw up rules.   I really do.  When that was pointed out to me, my stomach just dropped.  The worst part about it, I think, is that this was the only contact I have ever had with Scott and feel bad about him leaving with a bad taste in his mouth about the game and me as an opponent.   It just reminds me to play smarter in the future and avoid such stupid mistakes.  

Other than that unpleasantness, the Chop XXX guys were pretty great opponents and managed to beat us 3 games to 2.   Hopefully they show up again next year so we can try to get some payback.

Round 4 vs. Dice Age Games.  Opponent was Ed who was playing Tomb Kings, Scenario was the Coin Hunt.   Like most of my previous games, the game started pretty even, but as in many of my games, once the pendulum begins to tip in my favor, I began to gain the upper hand.   The most epic battle was his horde of Tomb Guard who mixed it up with my giant unit of plaguebearers.    We ground each other down to pretty much nothing at the end of the game, but not wiping so that neither of us gained points.   It was a pretty fun game and I really enjoyed playing Ed.  He ended up giving me a favorite opponent pin and I wish I had an extra I could have given him.  

Round 5 vs Gamers Haven.  The final game of the OFCC was against Brian Butler’s Orcs and Goblin in a King of the Hill battle.   I got the first turn and move a bit getting ready to take the hill.   Then my magic phase happened and the reign of chaos roll ended up hitting a bunch of his units, wiping out a couple and causing panic tests in others.   In the end it emptied his right flank.   The look on his face was pretty depressing as it sucks when you lose a good chunk of your army with nothing you can do about it.   At that point I decided to play in fun mode and began rolling on the Temple of Skulls every turn.   I ended up losing my Great Unclean One, my BSB, and my other wizard all in the first two turns.   I realized that I was now playing the game in hard mode and tried to make the most of it.  Unfortunately he got foot of Gork off a few too many times and winnowed out my plaguebearer units.   My Beasts did some damage to his back field but in the end, he got the win, though neither of us took the hill. 

Overall I went 4-1.   I could have gone 5-0, but decided to play that last game off the cuff.   Our team took 3rd place in Sportsmanship which was pretty awesome.  The other Black Sheep team took 1st in painting.   We finished 10th overall and the other Sheep took 9th.  
It was a great event with awesome opponents, fun games and great times. The Ordo guys did an amazing job as always.