Saturday, October 27, 2012

Foodhammer = Extra League Points!

So a heads up: If you want to earn some more league points, come play in the foodhammer event on Sunday the 4th. Normal 2 bonus points will be awarded, as will an additional 1 point per win. Plus the tourney is 1500 points, which coincidentally is the same point value the Escalation League is currently at. Plus bringing food will help you in game, but even better, help families in need. Hope to see you there. I will be.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Escalation League Week 6 Results

Congratulations to all who weathered the iceshard blizzards and lightning!

RankPlayerTotal Score
1Nate Jones108
2Taylor Flesch95
3Ryan Odam86
5Chris Born81
7Wiley Kinyon76
8Paul Willworth74
9Eli Kem72
10Josh Baughman71
11Tim Mote70
12Vincent Shaw70
13Jeff DeRemmer68
14Chris Bailey63
15John Evans56
17David Douglas53
18Michael Sauermilch48
19Brett Hanson41
20Ryan Williams39
21Dustin Boyd36
22Chaz Bogner36
23Matt Kinyon34
24Teague Watson34
25Devyn Spencer33
27Tony Bathke27
28Ben Sathrum26
29Steele Hull23
30Ciera Miller23
31Michael Fogg20
32Max H17
33Kris Scrivner15
34Kate Hillig12
35Byron Harmon11
37James Silkey6
1. Brett Hanson
2. John Evans
3. Chris Bailey

1. Nate Jones
2. Taylor Flesch
3. Eli Kem

- Taylor Flesch
- Eli Kem
- Ryan Odam
- Ryan Williams
- Tony Bathke

See you with 1500 points next week...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Escalation League Week 5 Standings

RankPlayerTotal Score
1Nate Jones88
2Ryan Odam86
3Taylor Flesch77
4Tim Mote70
5Chris Born69
7Vincent Shaw61
8Wiley Kinyon61
10Josh Baughman59
11Jeff DeRemmer58
12Paul Willworth57
13Eli Kem56
15Chris Bailey50
16Michael Sauermilch48
17David Douglas46
18Brett Hanson41
19Ryan Williams39
20John Evans37
21Dustin Boyd36
22Chaz Bogner36
23Matt Kinyon34
24Teague Watson34
26Tony Bathke27
27Steele Hull23
28Ciera Miller23
29Devyn Spencer20
30Max H17
31Michael Fogg16
32Ben Sathrum13
33Kate Hillig12
34Byron Harmon11
36James Silkey6
1. Chris Bailey
2. Brett Hansen
3.  Eli Kem

1. Eli Kem
2. Taylor Flesch
3. Nate Jones

1. Ryan Odam
1. Josh Baughman
1. Ryan Williams
1. Tony Bathke
1. Eli Kem
1. Taylor Flesch

A reminder on sportsmanship scoring:  There are a very large amount of people scoring 3 on sportsmanship.  This may be perfectly valid, and if so, that's great!  But please review the scoring guide in the rules pack here ( 3 = AMAZING ) if you don't remember exactly what each number score reflects.  See you next week!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Escalation League Week 4 Standings

Fourteen teams of two fought in the dawn attack scenario making week 4 the most attended league night so far.

RankPlayerTotal Score
1Nate Jones70
2Ryan Odam68
3Taylor Flesch61
4Chris Born59
5Josh Baughman59
7Tim Mote50
8Vincent Shaw49
10Wiley Kinyon45
11Paul Willworth44
13David Douglas42
14Michael Sauermilch40
15Ryan Williams39
16Eli Kem39
17Chris Bailey38
18John Evans37
19Dustin Boyd36
20Chaz Bogner36
21Jeff DeRemmer36
22Matt Kinyon34
25Teague Watson25
26Tony Bathke23
27Steele Hull23
28Ciera Miller23
29Max H17
30Ben Sathrum13
31Kate Hillig12
32Byron Harmon11
33Devyn Spencer11
1.  Eli Kem
2.  Chris Bailey
3.  Brett

1.  Ryan Odam
2.  Josh Baughman
3.  Taylor Flesch

1.  Taylor Flesch
2.  Matt Kinyon
3.  Eli Kem

Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 4 Rules

Week 4 Scenario:  Doubles.   Find a partner or we can find one for you.  If you have a team, feel free to throw out a challenge to another team.  Games will be a Dawn Attack using suspicious allies rules.    If you bring a new player to league night (one that hasn't participated in this years league in weeks 1-3) for a teammate, you will both receive 3 bonus league points.    See you next week!

Escalation League Week 3 Standings

Our first points increase, yay!  You can almost field a real army with 1000 points.  We definitely saw some new big beasts on the field at least.

We had another very full night, and had to spill out into the main room a little bit.  We won't have that problem next week though, because the scenario is a doubles match!  Feel free to coordinate with someone to form a team and make armies to complement each other, or just show up with your 1000 points and we'll match you up with someone.

RankTotal ScorePlayer
156Ryan Odam
251Josh Baughman
349Nate Jones
543Chris Born
641Tim Mote
841Taylor Flesch
937John Evans
1036Paul Willworth
1136Wiley Kinyon
1234Vincent Shaw
1431Michael Sauermilch
1726Chris Bailey
1825Chaz Bogner
1925David Douglas
2025Ryan Williams
2122Dustin Boyd
2222Matt Kinyon
2319Tony Bathke
2419Eli Kem
2517Jeff DeRemmer
2613Ben Sathrum
2712Kate Hillig
286Teague Watson
-  Chris Bailey
-  Brett
-  John Evans

-  Michael Sauermilch
-  Taylor Flesch
-  Dustin Boyd

-  Taylor Flesch
-  Josh Baughman
-  Ryan Odam
-  Ryan Williams
-  Tony Bathke
-  David Douglas

Monday, October 1, 2012

Brawl Registration Opens Wednesday

Heads Up!

This Wednesday October 3rd, starting at 8:00pm you will be able to register for the Black Sheep Brawl 2013 Warhammer Fantasy grand tournament.  Pre-Registration is going to be handled online right here: Brawl Registration.  Not only do you get a discount if you pay your entry fee early, but you also get the peace of mind of knowing your spot in the tournament is secure.  Regardless if you pay early or not, feel free to get yourself signed up starting Wednesday.

Basic tournament details are available on the registration site now, but the scenario details and rules pack aren't quite ready yet.  We estimate scenarios done, playtesting finished, and rules pack posted around the end of October or first week of November.

Stay tuned...