Sunday, October 27, 2013

Escalation Week 2

Hey everyone. Hope to see you all tomorrow as we pit our 1000 point forces over a battle for the Blood Forest.

Rules for the Scenario are as follows: 
Armies deploy as if playing a Battle Line game. In the center of every table will be a Blood Forest. 
Play proceeds as a standard battle line with the following bonus point conditions available:
Have a unit in the blood forest at the end of the game: +1 point per unit
Have the most points worth of models in the blood forest: +2 points.
(Calculate how many points are left, not how many the unit started with)

See you at 6 PM.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Escalation League 2013 Week 1 Results

Escalation League has started!  Here are the results after the first night.

1Taylor Flesch18
2Eli Kem16
3Ryan Odam16
4Austin Roberts16
5Steele Hull15
6Paul Willworth15
7Dustin Boyd13
8Chris Born12
9John Evans11
10Chris Bailey10
11Tony Bathke6
12Michael Carter4

The scenario details for Monday will be posted soon!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Get Ready For Escalation League 2013

It begins in just 1 week!  Come down to Borderlands Monday night October 21st at 6pm and help us kick off the Order of the Black Sheep escalation league for 2013.  We will be starting off at 1000 points and building up to 2400 over 8 weeks.  Don't forget to keep your schedule open for December 16th as well, when we will hold awards night.  Champions will be declared, the raffle will take place, and as always, all who battled in the league will receive a special gift.

Check out the rules packet here for more details.  Start building those 1000 point lists!