Sunday, March 15, 2015

Black Sheep Brawl 2015 Final Standings

Final Standings for the 2015 Black Sheep Brawl:

Place Name Army Paint Votes Sports Votes Battle Narrative Total
1 Matt Beasley Dark Elves 21
19 2 22 21 83
2 Eric Weber Wood Elves 25 1 21 3 17 13 76
3 Ryan Munsell Lizardmen 21 1 18 2 17 20 76
4 Moses Jones Dwarves 20 1 23 4 22 10 75
5 Paul Kuehnert Skaven 25 5 19 2 17 13 74
6 Anthony Greenman Ogre Kingdoms 20 2 19 2 18 17 74
7 Frazier Edmonds Undead Legions 23
21 3 14 13 71
8 Michael Case Lizardmen 22 3 21 3 14 12 69
9 Riley Nadeau Legion of Chaos 19
19 2 16 14 68
10 Joseph Urban Vampire Counts 15 1 14
18 21 68
11 Nate Jones Undead Legions 24 2 23 4 15 5 67
12 Ricky Fischer Orcs & Goblins 25 17* 19 2 18 4 66
13 Dan Jones Demons of Chaos 21
16 1 15 14 66
14 Aidan Rogers Host of the Phoenix King 17 1 17 1 19 13 66
15 Aaron Musk Warriors of Chaos 21
19 2 13 12 65
16 Ryan Frayer Demons of Chaos 17
16 17 65
17 Christopher Bailey Legion of Chaos 16
19 2 13 17 65
18 Matt Peterson Skaven 13
25 5 17 10 65
19 Chad Egbert Dwarves 12
21 3 18 12 63
20 Dan Miner Tomb Kings 17
20 3 14 10 60
21 Donald Davis Orcs & Goblins 10
21 3 15 14 60
22 Jeremy Srofe Ogre Kingdoms 17
17 1 18 7 59
23 Arturo Gonzalez Dark Elves 11
19 2 17 12 59
24 Joseph Pagano Dark Elves 17
19 2 16 6 58
25 Dustin Kane Vampire Counts 14
17 1 13 14 58
26 Evan Secan Skaven 10
23 4 17 8 58
27 Alex Pappas Chaos Dwarves 16 1 17 1 13 10 56
28 Scott Goldstein Orcs & Goblins 24 3 14
9 7 54
29 James Peterson Empire 18
19 2 11 6 54
30 Nate Roberts Legion of Chaos 14
16 9 54
31 Brent Buckland Dwarves 10
21 3 13 10 54
32 Sethan Sprague Chaos Dwarves 17
19 2 11 6 53
33 Kyle Frank Host of the Eternity King 17
20 3 10 5 52
34 John Gaffrey Skaven 11
15 11 52
35 Fintan Rogers Empire 12 2 14
15 10 51
36 John Kersey (W) Wood Elves 23 1 15 3 8 2 48
37 Wiley Kinyon Host of the Eternity King 11
17 1 16 4 48
38 Allan Hungerford Legion of Chaos 10
17 1 11 10 48
39 Chris Born Bretonnians 14 2 17 1 12 2 45
40 Robert Boquist Host of the Eternity King 11
19 2 6 6 42

*Paint tiebreaker

Interesting tidbits from the tournament:

  • Anthony Greenman scored the most total VP's over the five games, tallying 9622, an average of almost 2000 per game.
  • Matt Peterson was everyone's favorite over the weekend, receiving all five favorite opponent votes, a first for the Brawl.
  • Riley Nadeau brought the favorite pony cart, a dwarf zeppelin that was superbly executed.
  • Nine year old Fintan Rogers was by far the youngest of competitors and earned two favorite painted army votes - one more than his father!
  • Matt Beasley easily cleared the pack as the winner, beating second place by a whole seven points, but places two through six were only separated by a total of two points.
  • Moses Jones was the only previous stein winner to bring his cup and take advantage of the free beer.
  • Thanks to all of our sponsors, but especially Borderlands for providing lots of prize support and some of the tables and terrain - we couldn't have done it without you!
Thanks again to everyone for coming, we hope you had a great time!  See you next year!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Black Sheep Brawl First Round Matchups

First round matchups for tomorrow:

Let the trash talking begin!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Almost Time To Brawl

The Black Sheep Brawl is just a few days away.  I hope everyone is doing a good job of procrastinating those last items that need painted, because hey, you still have a few days.  That's plenty of time!  We are playing at a new venue this year, so I want to share a little info about it.

The Salem Elks Lodge is a short distance past a Wal-Mart that you will see when taking the Highway 22/Mission St. Exit and heading West off I-5.  The Elks Lodge is normally secured for member access only, so you'll want to hit the buzzer button on the red phone to gain access through the locked front doors.  You'll be able to get reasonably priced food and drinks from the Lodge bar during the tournament, though there are other options within a mile or two if you want to get out during lunch breaks.

We also hope most of you will join us at Gilgamesh brewing after our first day of games Saturday night.  It's just a few miles away and you'll get a map to it in your swag bag when you arrive.  Gilgamesh is a local brew pub with great food and good beers.  We will have an area in the covered patio, just let them know you're from the Black Sheep Brawl.  After dinner at Gilgamesh, you might explore more pubs in Salem, or come on back to the Elks Lodge for open gaming till 11pm.

We've got a wide range of power level in lists that have come in, Swedish scores ranging from a little over 2 to over 19.  That hints at different people coming with different objectives in mind.  Whatever your objective, we hope to get you paired up with players of a similar mindset and power level.  On the end times front, we have a fair share of end times armies in as you can see in the list tally here.  There will be some pretty sick Chaos Legion combos, one Nagash, one Karl Franz Ascendent, a couple Alarielles, and others running around.

We're all excited to be running our biggest Black Sheep Brawl, and hope everyone's looking forward to some good games.  See you Saturday morning around 8:30am.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Black Sheep Brawl IV: Scenario 5

In the final epic battle of the Black Sheep Brawl IV, your ability to score loyalty points in the previous four games will play a role in your fate.  Hope that you have done enough to gain the Black Sheep's support, for you may have heard things like "get another pair of eyes on this", or "two minds are better than one", but two armies utterly destroy one.  Don't let your army get wiped out like the Sauron's forces at Minas Tirith during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

Now Available: Black Sheep Brawl IV Complete Rules Pack

Black Sheep Brawl IV: Scenario 4

Drink your coffee Sunday morning, because you will be playing a game within a game.  Like two players on Survivor frantically searching for a hidden immunity idol, you will compete to find the card that matters on the battlefield.  Will you pretend to have found it when you haven't to push a battlefield advantage?  Will you ignore the terrain, letting the other army find it first, then savagely beat it out of them?  We shall see.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Black Sheep Brawl IV: Scenario 3

In the last game of day 1 of the Black Sheep Brawl, you will be playing "Race to the Wizard's Tower".  In this scenario you will be challenged to both get in the haunted mansion (wizard's tower) as soon as possible to start earning loyalty points, and deal with the opposing army that is right in your face 18" away.  Will you rack up all the points?  Or will the spirits in the mansion drive your forces away?  Manage your enemy and control the mansion for a strong finish on day 1.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Black Sheep Brawl IV: Scenario 2

Today we bring you our game 2 scenario for the Black Sheep Brawl.  In this scenario, "Protect the Wagons", you'll have an extra model in your army!  But it may prove to be a bit of a liability.  Although it has some nifty special rules, it can prove a challenge to deliver safely to your opponents deployment zone.  Don't forget it's a chariot too, so it's got impact hits, but also cannot march.

Scenario 2 is also special because for the first time at the Black Sheep Brawl we are having a hobby challenge related to it.  We encourage everyone to make their own model on a chariot base to bring that will represent their loot wagon.  We'll have players vote on their favorite one and award a prize to the winning entry.  If you are up to your neck in work just to get your army painted in time, no worries!  We'll provide a stylish dwarven pony cart model to use for anyone who doesn't bring a custom one.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Black Sheep Brawl IV: Scenario 1

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the 5 scenarios that will be played at the upcoming Black Sheep Brawl IV.  Scenario 1 is called "Raid the Burial Mounds" and is a twist on the Dawn Attack scenario in the main rulebook.  The main modification being the addition of burial mounds which you want to hold at the end of the game to earn loyalty points.  Don't that let you hold back from establishing yourself on them early though.  Being there first can matter, and they're dangerous terrain to any models that might charge over them to engage your unit holding them.  Another important difference this this scenario is that both flanks and center sections are equally sized at 24" to soften the impact of random deployment.