Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Full Results for 2013 Black Sheep Brawl

The tournament organizers all had a great time this weekend along with the 25 players.  We got lots of pictures of the armies that showed up you can check out in this slideshow.  As posted before, Moses Jones took home the grand prize trophy, the Black Sheep Stein.  Here is a full list of overall rankings:

RankPlayerOverall Score
1Moses Jones75
2Eric Weber70
3Bronson James68
4Stephen Gingell60
5Dustin Kane57
6Ben Sathrum54
7Ryan Odam54
8Chris Born54
9Tim Mote53
10James Peterson53
11Jeff De Remer49
12Maurice Maynard46
13Taylor Flesch45
14Michael Case44
15Steele Hull43
16Dan Jones42
17John Evans42
18Shane Obrien41
19Aine Anderson38
20Dustin Boyd38
21Vincent Shaw38
22Josh Caldwell37
23Wiley Kinyon34
24Chad Robertson-Jones31
25Chris Bailey (ringer)21
26Michael Sauermilch16

Winners in each of the four categories were:
  • Master Tactician: Stephen Gingell
  • Brush Master: Eric Weber
  • Honored Opponent: Ryan Odam
  • Grand Storyteller: Bronson James
A couple rounds of a champion skirmish battle were also held, with Michael Case emerging as the winner.  Michael Sauermilch took home the littlest lamb trophy.
Black Sheep Brawl 2013 winners
We would like to thank everyone for playing in this years Black Sheep Brawl!

Category scores by player:

PlayerSports ScorePainting ScoreNarrative ScoreGeneralship Score
Aine Anderson185510.2
Ben Sathrum1912815.3
Bronson James19132115.3
Chad Robertson-Jones154210.2
Chris Bailey (ringer)90210.3
Chris Born17131212.2
Dan Jones137715.3
Dustin Boyd19875.2
Dustin Kane1561620.3
Eric Weber17221120.3
James Peterson1710917.3
Jeff De Remer1761610.2
John Evans141387.2
Josh Caldwell17884.2
Maurice Maynard1561510.3
Michael Case171647.2
Michael Sauermilch12530.1
Moses Jones19152120.3
Ryan Odam21121110.2
Shane Obrien154715.2
Steele Hull156715.3
Stephen Gingell1561920.4
Taylor Flesch1510515.3
Tim Mote1581420.3
Vincent Shaw176510.2
Wiley Kinyon16595.2

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Black Sheep Brawl 2013

Congratulations to Moses Jones,  the 2013 Black Sheep Brawl Champion!

I am exhausted and will post some more about the Brawl at bit later.  Thanks to everyone who attended.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Here Comes the Brawl!

It's on tomorrow!  We're very excited and doing the last minute preparations for the Black Sheep Brawl tournament coming up this weekend.  We would like to share with you a short FAQ of questions we received about the brawl scenarios.  You can check that out here.

See you all at check in 9:00am tomorrow!