Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WFB Escalation League - Opening Night Results!

The first game of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Escalation League crowded into the back room of Borderlands tonight.  We had more players than tables to play on, and appreciate everyone who hung on the sidelines until a table was available.  Luckily the games went fast and fun.  We look forward to many more full nights and watching everyones armies grow in future weeks.

Below are the league standings after the first night.  This overall score represents a combination of your generalship (game result), painting, and sportsmanship.  Where people have tied in overall score, degree of game victory and painting rating are used as tie breakers to determine rank.

RankPlayerGame 1 Overall Score
4.Ian H19
5.Chris R19
7.David D15
8.Chris B14
9.Ryan O13
10.Ben S13
11.Terry S10
12.Jordan F10
13.Issac G10
14.Jeff D10
15.Clayton H10
17.Nate J10
19.Wiley K9
20.Kyle M8
21.Tony B8
22.Ryan J6
23.Maurice M6
24.Eli K2
25.Mike F2
26.John E2

See you next week!  And until then, join us on Facebook in the Order of the Black Sheep Escalation League Group to discuss the league or call out challenges.

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