Sunday, September 23, 2012

Escalation League Week 2 Scenario

Foul weather, rough foraging, and sporadic fighting has drained your forces.   Seeing another large storm moving in, getting shelter has become a priority.   Fortunately your scouts have spotted a small building in which to take cover.   Unfortunately they have also reported that enemies are about the same distance away.  They also reported that the building has a weird feel to it and strange lights would blink in the windows.   But weird goings on or not, it looks to be a race to take cover before the storm hits.

Haunted Shelter
In the middle of each table is a building.   The player whose army has a unit in the building by the end of the game receives and additional 250 points.   This points bonus is increased by 25 for each character in the building.   The building is haunted, however, and during each magic phase, the poltergeists will inflict d6 strength 2 hits with no saves of any kind allowed to any unit inside the building.

The game will proceed for 3 turns, then at the end of the 2nd players 3rd turn, he or she will roll a d6 and add the turn number to it.  If the result is a 7 or higher, the game will end.  Otherwise, play one more full game turn as the storm hasn’t arrived yet.

Also, for this scenario, swift reform into a building will not be allowed.  

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