Friday, June 29, 2012

First Post-OFCC game


So I went over to Paul's tonight to play a game of Warhammer with the armies that we will be working on for next year.   I threw together a quick Orc and Goblin force and face Paul's awesome Norsemen.  We agreed to play 2400 points. 
I don't really have Paul's list and am not really sure what everything was, but my list is as follows:


Black Orc Warboss:  Armor of Destiny, Sword of Anti-Heroes, Other Tricksters Shard, Dragonbane Gem, Boar, Shield            287
Savage Orc Great Shaman:    Level 4, Skull Wand, Power Stone            300

Goblin Big Boss:   BSB, Spider Banner, Shortbow, Light Armor, Shield            151

Night Goblin Shaman            :   Level 2, Feedback Scroll            135

25 gobbos:  shortbows, shield, 3x skulkers, full command            160

27 Orc Biguns            :  Extra hand weapons, Full Command, Banner of Discipline            302

12 arrer boyz            :  84

17 Savage Orcs:  Full Command, additional hand weapons, big stabba            208

Spear Chukka            35

Spear Chukka            35

Spear Chukka            35

Goblin Chariot  50

16 Black Orcs            :  Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame            242

Giant:  200

Rock Lobba: Bully    95

Doom Diver:  80

Total Points:  2399

I don't really have a great turn by turn account of the game so I will hit up on some of the highlights.  
Did a few wounds during shooting phase, taking out a couple of Paul's dogs.  Also did a wound to his dragon with my doom diver.    Paul's turn saw him hitting my chariot with a level 2 fireball, but he managed a total of 2 wounds on the chariot while doing a miscast with his sorcerer and took out  a big chunk of that unit.   I killed the dragon with the rock lobber on my next turn and made a number of charges with my units.   My big'uns crushed the marauders they ran into, and went into his General's unit.   My savage orcs did some damage to another unit of marauders but two breath weapons in that unit cleared out most of my boys.  They decided to run, taking my shaman with them.   His unit then hit my Black Orcs, doing a ton of damage to them, but I stayed, rolling snake eyes.    My goblins spent all game assaulting a tower with 10 archers in it, finally getting in on turn 5.  Paul's Valkries ran around making a nuisance of themselves, killing my night goblin shaman, the orc arrer boys and black orcs.   A lack of magic items makes my army very vulnerable to ethereal.     My Big un's bus managed to destroy Paul's BSB, General and their unit, but by then were too far out of range to do much else.   The game ended turn 6 at 1200 to 2000 approximately with the green ones taking the win.   

Some observations:  
  • Ethereal is tough.  I don't have enough characters equipped with magic weapons to deal with that special ability.
  • Savage Orcs are good, but not enough on their own and in low numbers.    
  • Big'uns are worth every point.   So are the warmachines.
  • Don't forget to thunderstomp.
  • Norse Ballads make the army tough.

Future Plans:  
  • Try Night Goblins.  I would have this time, but forgot them at home.
  • Get Painting.   I don't want to be painting this army at the last minute.
  • Get another Doom Diver
  • Get a few more cheap characters with magic weapons.
It was a pretty fun game and I want to play it again soon.  I don't really have much to purchase to make the army playable, but do want to get more metal night goblin models.
Til next time.

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  1. My list was the same as the list I used to play Josh in the last game I posted about.

    I was a bummer to lose my ice drake to those war machines, but on the bright side, at least they weren't pummeling my infantry as much!