Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Escalation League Final Results

The dust has settled, and the awards have been awarded.  For those who could not make the ceremony, here's how it turned out.  Vincent took home the Grand Champion of the escalation league award.  Gustav catapulted up to take the Exalted General award with a combination of a win and other people who were at the top for best general getting a loss the last week.  Ben took home the award for Palette Master for his consistently and well painted Chaos Warriors.  Storme came out on top with the Favored Opponent award (no surprise there).

Micheal Fogg pondering
RankPlayerGamesTotal Score
1Baughman, Josh11196
3Willworth, Paul11165
5Douglas, David11151
6Flesch, Taylor11150
8Bailey, Chris10119
10Sathrum, Ben8116
11DeRemmer, Jeff799
12Kem, Eli897
13Schwarz, Gustav786
14Johnson, Ryan785
15Macintyre, Kyle676
16Evans, John966
17Kingon, Wiley665
18Odam, Ryan558
19Flickinger, Jordan457
20Guzman, Issac749
21Fogg, Mike949
22Jones, Nate448
23Kinyon, Matt548
24Hines, Clayton742
25Bathke, Tony M.535
26Rosenous, Chris233
28Holt, Ian232
29Kersey, John119
30Dustin B116
31Scott, Terry110
32Johnson, Quinn18
Paul's Lizardmen vs. Clayton's Tomb Kings

1.  Josh Baughman
2.  Chris Bailey
3.  Gustav Schwarz
1.  Ben Sathrum
2.  Vincent
3.  Josh Baughman
1.  Storme
2.  Jeff DeRemmer
3.  Kyle MacIntyre

Chris describing the various ways he is going to defile his giant model with demon markings to Ryan.

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