Friday, December 30, 2011

Black Sheep Brawl Rulings and Scenarios

Black Sheep Rulings

  • If an item or ability grants a special rule to a unit or model, it affects the whole of the models in the unit or model.   Example:  Mark of Khorne and Banner of Rage affect both mounts and riders.
  • Open Terrain is a terrain type for spells and abilities.   Example: Curse of Anraheir from the lore of Beasts.
  • No More than 12 power dice can be generated in a magic phase.   Even abilities that would allow you to add dice beyond the total of 12 are affected by this.  Examples are Focused Rumination, Sacrificial Dagger, Death Magic’s ability, etc
  • Scouts count towards deployment. If you deploy scouts and your opponent does not, no +1 to going first for you.

Scenario 1: Head them off at the Pass.

Battle for the pass with the additional special rules:

At the center of the table, a dwarven pony cart will be set up.   The cart may not be targeted by spells, shooting attacks, or abilities that function in similar ways.   If charged, the cart always flees 3d6 inches in an opposite direction.    The cart may only be captured if successfully charged.
A unit that successfully completes a charge against the pony cart will capture it.  Place the pony cart to the back of the unit, indicating that it has been captured.   If the unit that has captured the pony cart flees, is destroyed, or broken in combat, the pony cart will flee 3d6 inches away from whatever caused the capturing unit to flee or be destroyed.   The pony cart may be captured by overrun moves.
The army that has possession of the pony cart at the end of the game is awarded an additional 500 victory points.

Scenario 2:  Take it to them.

Battleline with mysterious terrain rules in play.    

Scenario 3:  Something’s Burning

The third game in the Brawl is a Blood and Glory Scenario from page 148 in the basic rule book As a special terrain feature during the game, each table will have 3-4 Smoke Markers.

The Smoke Markers have the following rules:

1) Each turn the smoke clouds will move 1d6 inches in a random direction. If a hit is rolled on the scatter dice, the cloud does not move this turn. If the movement would take the cloud off the table, remove it from the game. Clouds can also be moved by the Heavens Spell: Wind Blast.

2) Smoke Markers affect line of sight. To see if a friendly unit is affected by a smoke cloud, draw a line from any point on your unit and an opposing unit you wish to take an action against. If a line would pass through the smoke cloud, the unit will be affected by the smoke. Models affected by the smoke will be affected by the following rules:

A) Missile weapons which use ballistic skill are at-1 to hit due to the obscured visibility. This stacks with other modifiers, such as cover, range, etc.

B) Stone Throwers and models that use the Stone Thrower rules (page 114 of the basic rule book) count as firing indirectly.

C) Cannons, and other attacks that fire using rules for cannons will add 2d6 inches to their initial artillery dice roll due to inability to find range.

D) The range of magic missiles will be halved.

E) Models attempting to charge through a smoke cloud will roll an additional d6 and subtract the highest result from the rolled distance. Models with swift stride will roll four dice and discard the lowest and highest results. Example: Swiftstride unit rolls a 2, 3, 5, and 6 when attempting to charge through the cloud. The unit would add 8 to its movement for the charge, discarding the 2 and the 6

 Any questions about these, please don't hesitate to ask.

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