Saturday, November 17, 2012

Escalation Week 10 Scenario

Week 10 Scenario
Defend the Village

Your enemies have discovered the location of one of your villages and it is up to you to see that the village remains safe.

Set up:  Meeting Engagement.  One side of the table will have two buildings set up on it.  These are the village. 
Players will roll off to determine the attacker.  The losing roll is the defender.   

Special Rules:  The buildings count as 2 level buildings.   Buildings can be destroyed by attacking it as if it were an enemy.   The building has Toughness 9, 8 wounds and are flammable.   
For every building destroyed the attacker gains 2 league points.   For every building surviving the defender receives 2 league points.    If both buildings are destroyed, the attacker gains an additional 1 league point.   If both buildings are still standings, the defender gains an additional 1 league point.

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