Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OFCC Around the Corner

Each year during the summer, Ordo Fanaticus hosts a huge 2 day Warhammer Fantasy tournament called the OFCC (Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge).  It is a fun, laid back event where you bring a team of at least 4 people and achieve or fail to achieve various accolades together.  Last year, the Order of the Black Sheep attended for the first time, and were the only 5 people there from the Salem area.  This year, Salem's ranks are bolstered by another member to the Black Sheep team, plus two other teams with players from Salem.

Me at OFCC 2011, getting ready to roll tons of 6's! (more pics from Blustorm)
The Order of the Black Sheep has returning members, Ben (playing Warriors of Chaos again), Chris (playing Daemons again), Eli (playing High Elves again), Josh (Playing his new Vampire Counts army), Paul (playing Lizardmen again), and a new team member John (playing a Dark Elf army).  Teams "Put a Skull On It", and "Mongering Mongrels" are new to the OFCC this year and bringing some Salem players too.  I'm glad we've got more local players participating, it would be great to see it grow even more in the coming years.

You can find more details about the tournament format here.  If you're not coming this year, I encourage you to start planning and working on an army for next year.  It is the ultimate in west coast Warhammer in my opinion.  If only we had more events like this...

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