Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doubles Tourney

Wow, I can't believe I have neglected posting here for so long.   Nothing too new going on in regards to Warhammer.   I am slowly painting my Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge army and have played a couple games since the Brawl. 
This weekend though, I am playing in a doubles tourney with Paul at Borderlands Games.   Players get 1500 points apiece.  I am going to run my Daemons and Paul will be rolling out his Lizardmen.   I will post how we did on Monday.  For now though, feel free to enjoy the short story I wrote, explaining our strange alliance.  Let me know what you think.

 Zaxslann's Gamble

            Omnix, the last remaining skink priest of Lord Zaxslann’s retinue, paced about nervously.   The losses that their troop had sustained on their journey were beginning to take their toll.   Even with the healing magics of Lord Zaxslann,  they had been unable to save their host of skin braves.   The great kroxigors, already few in number, had all been captured or killed in a devious skaven raid.  Their last ancient stegadon succumbed to wounds taken during that same battle as well.  All said, their force was unlikely to make it to the city of Mextonatl, Lord Zaxslann’s goal.  
            “Omnix, make ready.”   The command echoed through the skink priests mind.  Omnix shuddered as he thought on Lord Zaxslann’s plan.  Bartering with anything that has been touched by chaos was bad enough in Omnix’s experience, but dealing with daemons themselves, that was an abomination.   Lord Zaxslann knew how daemons work and though they are creatures of chaos, they still follow certain rules.   One such is the rule of contractual obligation.   Once a deal has been brokered, very few things could break it.   In exchange for a minor plaque of knowledge, the daemon balefire, agreed to help safeguard the remaining forces of Zaxslann.  
            Lord Zaxslann brooked no argument on the matter, and it wasn’t in Omnix’s nature to argue with his lord.   His task during the remainder of the journey was to shadow the daemon force using his enchanted cloak of feathers.   For while Lord Zaxslann was confident in the bargain that had been struck, balefire was a creation of Tzeentch, The Changer of Ways, who is known for his treachery and plots.  If any sign of betrayal was to appear,  it is Omnix’s duty to either strike down balefire, or prevent as much damage to Lord Zaxslann’s host as possible.   How Lord Zaxslann planned to deal with the Mage-Priests of Mextonatl, was not a concern that Omnix was prepared to think on.  First the host must reach the city alive.  

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