Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quick Thanks and Black Sheep Brawl Results

First off, thanks to everyone who made it. A 32 person Warhammer Fantasy event without the roots of the OFCC wouldn't have happened a year ago. Fantasy is on the rise again, and all of the friends that the Order of the Black Sheep have made this past year have made it possible. Here's to the next year, bigger and better.

Thanks to all the guys who brought terrain; Eric and Ordo, Moses Jones, and the Kiefts. You guys rock and definitely helped us with some awesome looking tables. Thanks to all of the guys who helped paint pony carts, and everyone who helped clean up. A big thanks to Evil Bryan who hung out with us all day, and assisted us in paint and army judging. Speaking of Evil Bryan, thanks to the Deployment Zone, Ordo, and every other group that has helped us with advertising for this event. Finally, thanks to Borderlands games with providing prize structure and the venue.
Every little bit that people did, helped to make a truly awesome event.

Overall: John "The (former) Points Pinata" Kersey
Brush Master: Moses Jones
Exalted General: Maurice Maynard
Most Excellent Opponent: Ellie

Again, thank all of you who attended.

More Brawl stuff to follow later.

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